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Flexmedshop is the largest online catalogue of small molecules: Building Blocks, Fragments, Screening Compounds, Reagents, and Intermediates. We also provide sourcing and procurement services. Our main goal is to deliver high-quality products to our customers for speeding up their research projects.

Flexmedshop: a compounds provider

The success of your project depends on choosing the right source of molecules and medicinal chemistry expertise. Chemspace catalogue comprises collections from most trustful suppliers of in-stock chemicals as well as make-on-demand offer of new and unique molecules, virtual yet synthesizable from available reagents via in-house validated synthetic protocols.

We understand your needs and guarantee molecules delivery in the required amount with high purity and always on time. Close collaboration with our respectful suppliers including Enamine, BLD Pharmatech, ChemBridge, PharmaBlock Sciences, and UORSY, among many others, allows us to achieve this goal.

We will

  • Offer you a fast search in the largest available compound catalog containing over 1.6 billion in-stock and make-on-demand Building Blocks, Fragments, and Screening Compounds as well as Reagents, and Intermediates.
  • Provide you with up-to-date information on the availability and price
  • Support you at every step from choosing compounds to the delivery to your doorsteps
  • Provide status updates on your orders
  • Expedite your samples with all necessary documents and quality control (QC) data

Flexmedshop: a service provider

We offer different models to support procurement and sourcing of chemicals. The models include FTE- and FFS-based programs.

We will

  • Develop sourcing strategies managing multiple suppliers
  • Select and evaluate suppliers and maintain contracts
  • Help design library according to the customer’s requirements
  • Provide transparent price policy
  • Support different formatting options and QC

We are here to enable Delivering Discovery Solutions®!

Sincerely yours,
Flexmedshop Team

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