IBOGA ROOTS BARKS FOR SALE are the Sun dried vertical shavings of Iboga root barks. Gotten From +10 years old Tabernanthe iboga trees with an estimated 4.8% ibogaine composition. Buy Iboga root barks from $5.00 US dollars per gram for 20 grams to $1,800.00 US dollars for a kilogram. It appears as brownish yellow root barks. Could also be ground into iboga root barks powder. This should be stored dry and sealed. To complete your purchase of Iboga root barks you should visit this page fill the form and submit. We would contact you instantly to complet https://flexmedshop.com/product/bark-of-tabernanthe-iboga-tree/the payment and shipping of your Iboga root barks.


Our iboga root bark for sale can be consumed directly by ingesting. it could be ground into iboga root bark powder before consuming. Where it can be encapsulated in capsules and swallowed to evade the bitter taste. Small doses of iboga root bark of about 5 grams act as a stimulant, aphrodisiac. while huge doses of iboga root barks that could be about 1kg for spiritual exploration. Psycho therapeutic healing, rapid physical detoxification, and addiction recovery. Promising results have also appeared in the treatment of a number of other conditions including Parkinson’s disease. Many Iboga treatment centers have found that too much iboga root bark needs to be taken for a full experience. Iboga root bark last long in the body, taking about 72 hours to a week at times to finally get out of the system.

Side effects of our Iboga root bark for sale:

After consuming our iboga root bark it, can cause physical discomfort, vomiting, nausea, and bowel irritation. But this purging is an important spiritual component of the iboga experience(especially in rituals). Another drawback of iboga root bark is that the amount of active chemicals can vary widely between species . This makes it hard to administer an amount that’s in the therapeutic window and not too strong or too weak. But we advice our customers purchasing our iboga root bark for sale to micro-dose. It and see the physical and psychological effects to better know what their full dose could be. An overdose of iboga root bark for sale can lead to death, but this has a higher possibility of occurring in people with medical complications, especialy heart conditions.


Iboga root bark is best for customers seeking a spiritual experience and also aleviate their mood. They would appreciate what is seen as a direct communication with the Bwiti “tree of life”. It would also act as an aphrodisiac in moderate dose

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